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Buying Facebook comments
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Buy Facebook Comments {Random/ Custom}

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  • Positive Recommendation
  • Average Speed: 100-1K/Day
  • Real and Active
  • Real Global
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Cheapest
  • Guarantee: No Drop

Min: 10

Max: 3000

Price of Buying Facebook comments :


Boosting Facebook comments is a simple and accessible way for everyone to quickly promote a profile or group on one of the most popular social networks and establish effective communication channels with subscribers. Increasing reviews on Facebook has long become an objective necessity, allowing you to improve the performance of your public page and ensure a response from the target audience in the form of comments when discussing the most interesting content. The more live reviews and comments on posts in an account or group, the more your account is more recognizable and popular.

Specification of FB comments

buy Facebook comments

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Millions of people use it daily to communicate, search for work, and express their emotions and feelings. Many people earn money from the popularity of this platform, so they need comments for Facebook. As one of the best Facebook service providers, we have provided random or customized comments. You can read more details of this service below:

Quantity: You can purchase Facebook comments through SocialPin, starting from a minimum of 10 comments to a maximum of 5,000 comments.

Start Time: After placing your order, your comments will typically appear on your post within 0 to 1 hour.

Speed: SocialPin offers a range of speeds for comment delivery, from 100 to 1,000 comments per day. You can choose how quickly you want the comments to appear on your post.

Quality: The comments you receive are from real and active Facebook users. They are genuine people from the real world, not fake accounts or bots.

Warranty: SocialPin provides a lifetime warranty for the comments you purchase. So you can be confident that the comments will stay on your post for a long time.

Affordability: We are known for offering some of the most competitive prices in the SMM. We offer different types of Facebook Services packages cheap.

Non-drop: You don’t have to worry about comments disappearing after purchase. We offer a non-drop warranty, ensuring the comments remain on your post.

Special package: We have a special package that has a lifetime guarantee. The minimum order of comments for a lifetime warranty is 10 comments, and the maximum is 5,000 comments.

Different packages: We have two types of Facebook comments. You can choose random Facebook comments or custom random comments. Also, you can choose the gender of comments, male or female.

What are the advantages of FB comments service?

advantages of buy Facebook comments

Getting Facebook comments can be a big help for both personal and business profiles. It’s a good way to attract more people and create a friendly space for possible customers. Here are the main advantages of getting Facebook comments:

Engage With Your Audience:

When you buy comments for Facebook page, it’s like inviting people to talk with you. It can get more folks to join in and leave their comments. When others see people talking on your posts, they’re more likely to join in. It can help grow your business or personal page. Plus, you don’t have to worry about fake comments from robots.

Be Seen More:

Buying Facebook comments can make your business profile more visible. It can help you sell more stuff. When people see many comments on a post, they think the content must be good. Good comments on your posts and business page show your target audience that people trust your services. Buying FB comments gets more eyes on your posts, so more people know about your business.

Look Trustworthy:

People often check reviews, ratings, and comments before buying. When you buy Facebook comments, it makes your brand look trustworthy to potential customers. People also do this to promote their profiles. Plus, getting Facebook comments can make your company look better and improve customer experiences.

Get More Followers:

You can gain more followers by buy facebook likes and comments. Commenting on a post makes it easier for people to notice your personal or business profile, which can get you more followers. It also helps you build relationships with the people who already follow you. Buying high-quality comments from real people with active accounts can get you the best results.

Become Popular:

Buying fb comments can make you popular on Facebook. A popular business page means more traffic, likes, shares, and chances to sell stuff. Just posting nice pictures and videos isn’t enough. You must show people your content matters by buy facebook comments and likes. getting FB comments helps you become popular quickly and at a good price.

Save Time and Effort:

Buying comments saves you time and effort. Instead of spending lots of time making interesting content and talking to your audience, you can buy comments and get noticed faster. It frees up your time to focus on other parts of your business. You don’t have to spend hours trying to find new fans or audiences because your follower base is already there when you buy Facebook comments. All these reasons make buy comments facebook a smart way.

What are the disadvantages of FB comments service?

disadvantages of Facebook comments

When talking about the disadvantages of buying Facebook comments, you may imagine that buying this service may have a problem. If this is not the case, we want to talk about the disadvantages of buying this service from untrusted sources and warn you that if you buy accounts for your Facebook posts from untrusted sources, the following things may happen:

Comments disappear after a while: Imagine you bought 200 comments for your Facebook posts to earn credit. After buying, a lot of followers have been added to your page. But in a short time, all the comments suddenly disappear. What will happen? Followers will notice and distrust you. So not only have you lost your money, but you have also lost credibility in front of your followers.

That’s why we offer a refill guarantee, so you can be sure you’re buying comments from the right place, comments that last and are of the highest quality.

Fake comments sent to you by the robot: You know that a comment that is not genuine will not add credit to you. Be careful where you buy followers because the quality of the comments sent may affect the fate of your page.

You will not experience these problems by buying random comments or custom comments from reliable sources that provide real comments.

What is the purpose of buying FB comments service?

The number of comments your posts get on Facebook is really important for getting people involved naturally. It tells others that your posts are interesting, which makes them want to join the conversation and be part of your social circle. When real people comment on your business posts, it makes your business look reliable and like it cares about the people who follow it.

Facebook comments are also a great way for brands, marketers, and influencers to get people talking and giving their thoughts. To sum up, having more Facebook comments on your personal or business page can bring many purposes. It can grow your audience and make a friendly space for possible customers.

Why should I buy FB comments service from SocialpPin?

We offer cheap services for our social media marketing services, including Facebook comments. Our top priority is delivering exceptional customer support and ensuring swift delivery, guaranteeing a smooth-running campaign, and assuring you’ve chosen a reliable platform.

Here are compelling reasons why you should consider procuring Facebook comments from SocialPin:

Why should I buy FB comments service from SocialpPin

Budget-Friendly Packages: We offer a range of cost-effective packages. These packages are thoughtfully designed to maximize your return on investment while accommodating your specific needs.

Refill and Money-Back Assurance: We have a refill guarantee for Facebook comments and other social media marketing services.

Diverse Payment Methods: We offer multiple payment methods for your convenience. These secure alternatives provide peace of mind by safeguarding your payment and preventing fraudulent transactions.

24/7 online support: We are always here to send your comments or other services of high quality. If you need any help, you can contact our support.

The best things to do before ordering

If you have decided to buy a Facebook account, we congratulate you; following these tips will make your purchase more efficient:

  • It is better to choose a post with more interaction: to buy a Facebook comment service, it is better to choose services with several comments, likes, and visits.
  • Avoid duplicate comments: If you want to send us custom comments, be careful not to duplicate comments.

How much does it cost to order this service?

The price of buying a custom account or random comment depends on the number of comments you choose. We have provided different services at different prices. In addition to this, the gender of the comments also affects the final value.

We understand that not everyone can afford these services, so we offer different types at reasonable prices but with high quality. Our services start from 2 dollars, and if the number of comments or other factors increases, this price will increase. you can buy cheap facebook comments with the best price compared to other websites.

Our special suggestion is that if you buy comments, you should visit other Facebook services that help you grow. You can simultaneously buy several followers in addition to comments to ensure that followers write these comments. In addition, you can also buy several likes, because posts are liked first, then comments are made.

FAQ about Buying Facebook comments

Do I need to provide information to SocialPin?

We do not need your personal and confidential information and your account to buy comments or other services. Therefore, you can safely visit all services and buy according to your needs.

You can custom-write the comment’s text and send it to us. For example, if you publish educational posts, you can adjust the comment text according to the post’s content.

Buying custom comments or random comments from Social Pit is completely safe.

These comments are sent to you by completely real accounts with profiles.

There are various payment gateways on our website. You can choose anyone you want. In addition, you can buy social pin comments with the help of digital currency.

Our special suggestion is that you do this. We all know that a user who wants to write a comment likes it first, so you should order as many likes as you buy comments.

The minimum number of comments you can order is ten, so you can choose to order 1000 comments on facebook or however many you need and the maximum is 5K.

No, all our services, including buying Facebook comments, are based on the algorithms of this social network. In addition, we post real comments, so you won’t get blocked.

To ensure the quality of purchasing services, you can ask support to send several comments to your posts.

Additional information

Facebook Comments

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