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Buying Facebook Likes
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  • Buy Facebook Page Likes

  • Buy Facebook Post Likes

  • Quality: Real and Active

  • Refill: 30 Days

  • Instant

  • Speed: 10K/Day

  • Start Time: 1-3H

  • Guaranteed

  • Facebook Page Likes Targeted : Malaysia, Canada, Australia, LATIN AMERICA, Bangladesh, Philippines, INDIA and Vietnam.

Min: 500

Max: 100k

Price of Buying Facebook Likes :


Facebook plays an important role in our lives and has been very effective for many businesses. Like other social networks, having a lot of likes, followers, and views is very important for Facebook users. These criteria determine which content should be shared and which areas you should be active. If you have a Facebook account, consider increasing these indicators.

Using this platform, Facebook has allowed individuals and businesses to increase their reputation and credibility. You must have a Facebook page with many likes and followers to maintain your account and add features to your brand. This way, Socialpin services, including buying Facebook likes and followers, will be very useful. We are very popular among those interested in strengthening their brand through Facebook.

Specification of Facebook Likes service

Specification of Facebook Likes

For businesses seeking to promote their products via social media and build credibility, Facebook remains an ever-expanding market. You’ll need a Facebook page with numerous likes and followers to boost your account.

When it comes to purchasing Facebook likes, some may question its legality. Surprisingly, buying the Facebook page like isn’t prohibited, and it poses no risk to your account; instead, it increases interaction compared to before. Here are more specifications of this service in SocialPin:

Quality: Our likes are from real and active Facebook users with real profiles.

Quantity Range: You can order Facebook likes at a minimum of 500 likes and go up to 100,000 likes for your page.

Refill Policy: We offer a 30-day refill guarantee, ensuring the likes are maintained and non-drop. But if you lose them, we refill them again.

Instant Delivery: All the Facebook pages have instant delivery in SocialPin.

Speed: We provide 10,000 likes daily, ensuring your page’s natural and gradual growth.

Start Time: Your order will begin processing within 1-3 hours from the time of purchase the Facebook post likes, or page likes.

Guarantee: We guarantee that you will receive the specified number of likes that are non-drop by the highest quality.

Targeted Audience: You can choose to Buy Facebook post likes or buy real Facebook likes from targeted audiences from various countries, including Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, and Vietnam.

Note: Please don’t order for the same link at the same time. You have to wait for the first order to be completed then you can order again.

What are the advantages of FB likes service?

advantages of buy Facebook likes

The decision to purchase Facebook likes arises from its many advantages. Some newcomers to the platform may question acquiring likes on Facebook Services and spending money on boosting their like count. However, there are compelling reasons behind and the most important advantages of buying likes for the Facebook page are:

Facebook Post Promotion: Likes indicate your page or content is popular and interesting. A substantial number of likes grabs attention and indicates that your project or content deserves recognition. Consequently, positive ratings enhance the visibility and promotion of specific posts on your page, facilitating effective Facebook post promotion.

Determining the interests of the audience.: By analyzing the number of likes under specific posts, you can discern the content your audience prefers. Boosting likes on posts on a particular topic can steer your subscribers’ attention in that direction.

Enhancing Loyalty: Users often rely on the opinions of the majority when making judgments and choices. Consequently, a page or post with more likes is perceived as worthier of attention and interest.

Attracting New Audiences: Likes act as bait, enticing users who encounter your page with a wealth of positive ratings.

Improving your business: Buying Facebook likes allows you to make your brand more recognizable, increase sales, expand your customer base, promote your Facebook events, and provide a quick start without significant investments of money and expensive professional advertising.

What are the disadvantages of buying FB likes?

There is no harm in buy like facebook from reliable sources, but sometimes you may buy cheap Facebook likes from unreliable sources due to not knowing the reliable websites that provide them. In this case, everything may be reversed, and instead of seeing the growth of your page, you will also lose your real followers. Other disadvantages that you may see by buying from unreliable sources:

  • You might pay a lot but get low-quality likes in return. In this case, not only have you lost your money, but your credit will also be damaged.
  • Fake followers can damage your business’s credibility and trust because they lack honesty and transparency.
  • The visibility of your posts will decrease for users. While you may get more visibility initially, if your page doesn’t generate comments or engagement, Facebook will reduce it. They assume your page is not interesting or relevant.
  • Facebook is only useful for your business if your followers are real users engaged with your brand. Otherwise, buying fake likes that don’t have real profiles is useless to you.

How does FB like to boost engagement on my account (page)?

Facebook likes can help increase your account (page) engagement, but how? One of the most important reasons is that when other users see the high number of likes on your posts, they realize that the shared content must have been interesting, so they are encouraged to visit and even like it. The result is that your content will be shown to more users according to Facebook’s algorithms.

Buy Facebook likes

Another point is that providing engaging and valuable content is the best way to increase engagement after receiving likes. Posts that engage your audience can lead to more views, comments, and shares. When the shared content is attractive, more users will share it, resulting in more and more likes. So don’t forget that one of the most important points you should follow in addition to buy likes from facebook is to produce great and targeted content.

In addition, Facebook likes to buy, other services can upgrade your Facebook page  and profile, like buying custom comments or buying video views. So, if you want to experience lasting interaction on your page, use these services simultaneously.

Why should I buy FB likes service from SocialPin?

To succeed on Facebook, simply be a member of SocialPin and order the likes, followers, comments, or other resources you need. Every day, thousands of customers from various countries buy Facebook likes and other services from us. They trust us because:

Why should I buy FB likes service from SocialPin

FAQ about Buying Facebook Likes

The best things to do before ordering

Knowing and following some tips is better to get the best results from buying Facebook likes.

Select targeted posts:

Before ordering likes, it is better to specify which posts you want to order likes. Our suggestion is to choose posts that have professional and user-friendly content.

Don’t just rely on similar services:

Besides Facebook buy likes, it is better to use other services. For example, you can also order comments from the service or buy some Facebook followers. All of this is to increase engagement on your page.

Pay attention to the rate of views and the number of followers:

What is your goal in Facebook likes buying? You want to prove that the followers on your page are real and like and react to the content you share. What happens if you buy likes on Facebook but you have few followers?

Yes, the result will be reversed, and users will distrust you. To avoid this problem, balance the number of followers and likes. Either order as many likes as you have followers or use the follower buying service to get likes instead of buy Facebook photo likes.

How much does it cost to order this service?

By thoroughly researching and comparing several services, you can select the best option for acquiring Facebook likes without adverse consequences. If you’re seeking a reliable provider for hassle-free likes with guaranteed results, consider SocialPin. We offer high-quality Facebook likes at competitive prices and excellent promotion results. You can buy Facebook likes cheap for just 2$. Also, you can buy other services like buy Instagram likes or buy TikTok likes cheaply instant delivery.

Do I need to provide information to SocialPin?

No, you do not need to provide any information to buy Facebook likes or other services from SocialPin. We do not need and do not request your password and account information.

All likes you buy from us are from real people with real profiles. We do not send you fake likes or bot likes.

This service is according to Facebook’s algorithms and will not cause any problems for you.

We have considered various payment gateways, one of which is digital currency. You can ask our support staff for more guidance on paying with digital currency.

Yes, besides buying likes, you can order from our other services, such as buying followers and buying Facebook comments.

The minimum number, to buy Facebook post likes on SocialPin is 500, and the maximum is 100k.

Of course! There’s a method to see how Facebook calculates paid likes on your page. To count as a paid like, you should have an ad on your Facebook page. If someone clicks on your ad before clicking the like button on your post, it’s counted as a paid like.

No, your account will not be blocked. The speed of sending likes is such that Facebook algorithms are not sensitive, and everything is natural.

Yes, you can use our test service to ensure the quality of sent likes. Just send a message to the support and request a test service.

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