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Buying Facebook Views
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  • Buy Facebook Video Views

  • 3 Seconds Retention

  • 10 Seconds Retention

  • 15 Seconds Retention

  • 30 Seconds Retention

  • Watch Time: 1 Minutes

  • Monetizable

  • Speed: 50K-500K/Day

  • Start Time: Instant

  • Mostly Instant Start or Start Time: 0-30 Mins

  • Link: Facebook Video Link

  • Quantity must be multiple of 100

Min: 500

Max: 10M

Price of Buying Facebook Views :


Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with about 3 billion active users worldwide. Recently, videos have become the main way people share and watch on Facebook. It means influencers and businesses work hard to make great videos to get more followers.

Because of this, the competition on Facebook is tough. There are millions of accounts trying to become famous, but only a few succeed. Sometimes, even awesome videos don’t get many views, which can be frustrating.

But there’s a solution to get more views on your Facebook videos and live streams. You can buy views from SocialPin, which can Increase confidence and help your business grow.

Specification of buy Facebook views

Specification of buy Facebook views

Any user who plans to increase the popularity of his account on Facebook and reach a large new audience to watch his video needs to buy Facebook views. Content demand indicators are the number and quality of views.

The higher the post views are, the faster the Facebook algorithm will perceive it as an interesting and useful post to people and bring it to the TOP. So, if your target is to gain more followers and more views, the only fast way you have is to buy Facebook views, which is similar to buying Telegram post views. Here are the specifications of this service on SocialPin:

Choose the Retention time: You can get facebook views where people watch 3, 10, 15, 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute of your video. The more Retention time is, the more impression is on your audience.

Monetizable: By buy Facebook video views, you can profit from your videos as they become eligible for ads.

Quantity range: Our packages start with a minimum of 500 views and reach a maximum of 10 million views.

Speed delivery: You can choose the speed delivery of Facebook views from 50,000 to 500,000 daily.

Instant start: You can receive views instantly after ordering just on SocialPin. Views usually start to send within 30 minutes after ordering.

Refill guarantee: We assure you that the views you get are complete and non-drop, but if they are lost, we have a refill guarantee.


  • Provide your Facebook video link to start getting views.
  • Quantity order must be multiple of 100. So you can start and buy a minimum count, which is 500 Facebook views.

What are the benefits of buying Facebook views service?

Benefits of buying Facebook views

Facebook has been a popular social media site for a long time. It’s a place to stay in touch with friends and can be great for businesses, too. You can share text, pictures, and videos with your audience.

Regarding videos, Facebook decides how many people see them using its rules. But if you do some things right, your videos could appear on many people’s feeds. And if you buy Facebook video views, you might stand out.

Having lots of views makes you look trustworthy. People see that and think your business is serious. Let’s see why facebook views buy is good for your business.

Give Your Videos a Boost: If you buy views, your videos get a better chance to appear in more feeds. Your profile becomes more popular over time, so you can also focus on other social media accounts.

Get More Real Views: If you’ve been growing your social media for a while, you know how important it is to look popular. Buying views can make more people interested in your content. Facebook videos can easily go viral, so buy fb views can help your videos get there.

Attract More Followers: Social media marketing aims to get more people involved. Buy views facebook boosts your page. Having lots of followers makes your business seem reliable. Interested? You can also buy Facebook followers.

Boost Your Credibility: Social proof is what others think of your brand based on your content and how others engage with it. Facebook views are part of this. High numbers make you look more credible. People see that others like your offer and check out your business.

Make More Money: Buy fb views can attract more people. It helps you reach more users and get them interested. Facebook lets you make money from your videos. If you do it right, you can earn more in the long run.

Save Time and Money: Not everyone can use these strategies. Some people don’t have time for a long Facebook campaign. That’s where buy views comes in. You reach your target group and save time and money.

What are the disadvantages of buy Facebook views?

Like in any other industry, there are some dishonest sources in the world of buy Facebook views. These people don’t keep their promises, and that can lead to a bunch of problems for you:

  • It could damage your Facebook page’s reputation.
  • Your brand’s image might take a hit.
  • Your posts may not reach as many people as you’d like.
  • You could end up losing both your money and time.
  • Your followers might stop trusting you.

Remember, this can happen if you buy views from unreliable sources. So, be careful about where you get your views.

What is the purpose of buy FB views service?

Buy Facebook views

When you buy views for your Facebook videos, you have many goals, the most important of which is to get more views and attention. But we know that this is not the only goal, but there are more important reasons:

You want to increase your brand’s reputation: people like to follow what is popular, so it builds trust and respect for you. Think of it like having many friends – it shows you’re worth paying attention to.

You want to be noticed more: with more views, more people will notice you. That means, in addition to your followers, many other users will be added to your followers list, and you can follow your business goals more easily. If you want to advertise and monetize your page, having a lot of video views can also help. More views of videos and posts means more credibility.

Want more engagement: We promise that buy facebook video views will increase fb views, likes, comments, and shares and increase your chances of getting more engagement with your followers. The more video views you have, the more people will want to talk to you, and the better your interactions will be.

Why should I buy FB views service from Socialpin?

Many  FB Services will help increase the number of Facebook views, but SocialPin stands out among them. We offer packages of different sizes at affordable prices with a guarantee. It’s easy to develop your business with us, and a quick increase in views will allow you to get higher organic views.

You can trust us completely. Our services are designed to be completely safe, so you can buy Facebook views without any worries.

Why should I buy FB views service from Socialpin

Refill Guarantee: All views are non-drop, but we have a refill guarantee if there is a 1% drop. You can message our support staff.

The best things to do before ordering

Planning before ordering the service is better so that everything goes perfectly. Experience has proven that it is better to do the following before purchase real facebook views:

Choose high-quality posts:

Select the videos you want to buy views for. You can prepare high-quality videos and great content before buy and then invest in them to get better results. Do not forget that the quality of the videos and the service of buying views can do wonders.

Pay attention to the number of views, likes, and comments:

There must be a balance between everything. If you are buying views for your videos, you should also order likes. Is it possible that a video has received 500 views while only having 50 likes? It’s impossible. So, be aware of the balance between the number of views and likes of Facebook videos.

Pay attention to the time of the videos:

As we said, you can order the video retention time according to your desired time. Our packages have 3, 5, 10, 15 seconds, and maximum one minute retention.

How much does it cost to order this service?

Buy views on facebook video depends on the type of package you choose. For example, you might order 500 video views with 3 Seconds Retention, priced differently than the optional 700 Video Views with 10 Seconds Retention package. But don’t worry, here all services are cheap. In addition to buying views, you can also benefit from other social services, such as buying comments or buying Facebook followers, and invest in the growth of your page.

FAQ about Buying Facebook views

Do I need to provide information to SocialPin?

We don’t need any personal information from you or your page to buy video views. Your security is fully established in SocialPin.

Yes, all views are sent to you from completely real accounts. We do not use bots or fake views.

The views provided in this service are all from real accounts and do not cause any problems for the security of your page.

You can buy targeted views based on the country or city of your choice. With different packages, you can choose your target country.

We have considered different payment methods for purchasing various SMM services. You can choose one of them. In addition, payment through digital currency is also possible. You can ask our support staff to guide you.

Yes, you can order real views from SocialPin for your account, page, or groups on Facebook.

The minimum number of video views you can order on social media is 500, and the maximum is 1 M.

No, we send video views gradually so that there is no problem with your account.

Yes, all services in SocialPin have a test service. You can send a message to the support so that the video views test service can be sent to you.

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