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How to increase your Instagram followers for free (10 ways)

How to increase your Instagram followers for free

Like millions of other Instagram users, you are eager to increase your followers. But have you ever wondered why you should increase your followers? What are your goals? For example, are you planning to increase product sales, or do you want to gain popularity?

Whatever your motivation to get more followers on Instagram, remember that free ways to increase followers are time-consuming but effective if implemented correctly. Here, we will discuss ten effective ways to get more followers on Instagram.


10 tips to increase real followers on Instagram

Whether you are planning to create a new account on Instagram or after being on this social network for a long time, you have decided to increase the number of followers; the methods of attracting followers on this crowded platform can be very confusing. But don’t worry, if you follow the mentioned methods, you will undoubtedly achieve your goal to a large extent.


How to increase your Instagram followers for free -10 ways


1. Optimize your Instagram account

Before getting more followers on Instagram, ensure your account is set up properly. If you plan to introduce your business, change your account to business mode.

Instagram has created a feature where bloggers and influencers can have creator accounts; this account provides more features than normal accounts.

Make sure your Instagram bio and image represent your brand. Therefore, you should set it up professionally. You can include:

  • A link to your website.
  • A brief introduction about the purpose of the page.
  • There is even a tagline for yourself in your bio.

2. Have a consistent content calendar

When trying to grow your Instagram followers, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is posting content randomly and unplanned. So. Establishing a consistent mailing schedule is critical to meeting this challenge.

The key is to create a content calendar, setting the days and times for posting so that everything goes according to your schedule. With nearly 200 million daily Instagram users, you can reach a larger audience by posting content at specific times throughout the day.

By sticking to a regular posting schedule, you can provide your followers with a reliable and engaging experience and ensure they stay engaged with your brand.


3. Optimize your bio

Your bio account on Instagram is like a shop window, effectively attracting customers. Creating a compelling bio on Instagram is crucial to motivating people to convert from users to followers. In addition to basic information, such as contact details and website links, it is essential to convey your brand narrative engagingly and memorably.

In your bio account, you should write a brief introduction of your business or the activity you will have on the page so that the user does not get confused.



4. Have a strategy for creating your posts and stories

To increase the number of your followers, it is very important to have a specific strategy for publishing posts and stories. Start by setting your content goals and sticking to a regular posting schedule. Create engaging content that engages the audience and use relevant hashtags.

Having a strategy means determining the topics for which you will create content, choosing the right time to publish posts, and increasing user interaction through responding to comments and direct messages. So, you must plan to implement each of these to reach your final goal.



5. Determine your target audience

Determining your target audience means figuring out who your Instagram posts appeal to. Is your content more attractive to women or men? In which age group are your contacts? Knowing this information is effective in increasing your interaction with users.

Once you know your audience, you can create posts they will enjoy. It will help you get followers who will like and interact with the content you post.



6. Use appropriate and relevant hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram has proven to be an effective strategy to expand your reach and attract more followers. You should fully identify the most popular hashtags in your niche that match your brand and content. Using various hashtags in different posts will help you identify your target audience.

Instagram generously allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so take full advantage of this feature to increase your social media presence.


7. Engage with the audience

One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram account is to engage with your followers and create a vibrant community. Whether you’re a content creator or a brand representative, consider this: How often do you respond to messages and comments? Are you making time for real-time interactions using Instagram stories or live videos? Be sure to dedicate a few hours a week to replying to users’ messages and comments and encouraging them to interact more.


8. Be persistent in producing content

You may have heard this many times, but again, we emphasize that the more you post content on Instagram, the more chances you have to gain new followers. In addition, it is very important for Instagram algorithms that your page is dynamic, so by producing regular content, you will attract the attention of Instagram algorithms and users.

Consistency in content production doesn’t mean posting content daily but maintaining consistency with a posting schedule that feels right and manageable.



9. Title your important stories in highlights

Think of Instagram highlights as a way to show off your best. You must have seen them at the top of your profile, below your bio, and above your posts. With Instagram’s highlights feature, you can create categories for your top content. For example, if you post about travel, you can create categories for different cities you’ve been to. If you’re into cooking, you can use Highlights to show off your favorite recipes.

No matter how you arrange your highlights, ensure each category has an attractive cover image that grabs users’ attention.



10. Share your Instagram account on other media and communications

If you want more followers, don’t hesitate to promote your Instagram account on other popular social networks. Share specific Instagram content or announcements on other social media channels. For example, you can talk about an Instagram live event on TikTok or Facebook to expand your reach and connect with a larger audience, or you can also link to stories posted on your page on Telegram.



Sum Up

Increasing Instagram followers for free may be time-consuming, but it is a worthwhile and lasting endeavor. Implementing the ten strategies mentioned in this content can effectively increase your number of followers without the need to spend money. From optimizing your profile to engaging with your audience, these methods provide a comprehensive approach to expanding your presence on Instagram.

Remember, building a real, committed following takes time and dedication. Consistency in your efforts and a clear understanding of your target audience and their preferences will play a key role in your success. So, use these ten free ways to increase your Instagram presence and see how important it is to steadily increase your followers.

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