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The world of today is a digital one with social media and fast messaging being ab integral part of our life. This is through messaging platforms that we make and maintain connections with friends and family, and share data such as pictures and music. There are various messaging apps out there designed to answer specific and general needs we may have. One of the most popular messaging apps that has made most others look lacking and beat many of its competitors is Telegram. There are so many features that are unique to Telegram, all of which are accessible through Telegram premium and with each new update the wonders of telegram premium keep growing.

The benefits of Telegram and its premium version

The benefits of Telegram and its premium version

The features of Telegram Premium take messaging to the next level. One of the key features of Telegram Premium is the ability to share large files. Other messaging apps have limits when it comes to sharing files, yet Telegram allows its users to share up to 2GB in size. This is especially useful for people using telegram in a professional capacity and need to share large files, such as videos and pictures with very high resolutions.

As for premium users, this number goes up to 4GB and is double the usual limitation.

All users enjoy unlimited cloud space and can upload as much as they like. Other messaging apps however have restrictions and people can have a bigger cloud storage capacity when they pay for the premium version. This is such a huge benefit, especially when one considers this is a free feature and everybody can store their important files and data from anywhere and any device.

People with premium versions can now follow up to 1000 channels, I know! Sounds great! Especially if you are one of those people who have to join a lot of channels for your work and study groups. You can now create and share 20 chat folders with 200 chats and 100 invite links for each. You can make 4 accounts on each app. You can pin up to 10 chats in every main list. You can have a longer bio too and even add a link. As for gifs and stickers enjoy the larger capacity of 400 gifs and enjoy 10 favorite stickers.

When downloading media, documents and other shared files, premium users enjoy an accelerated download speed. Imagine that! Telegram already has a fast download speed compared to other apps, but imagine going even faster. This is a very satisfying feature indeed, as it minimizes waiting times.

a very convenient feature when you are in a situation where you cannot listen to voice messages or when you need to translate the content. Also, this is a very precious feature for individuals with impaired hearing or those who prefer textual interaction.

With Telegram Premium, you can send voice messages that automatically disappear after a specific period. This is also a new feature of the free version, where voice messages disappear after being played once.

you can access an extensive collection of premium stickers, many being themed, helping you add a personal flare to your chats. There are also unique reactions beyond that of the standard from the free version. There are also premium app icons so you can customize the appearance of your app.

if you want to convey your current mood and activity or to show if you are now available or not. This is very efficient if you have many friends and you can communicate easily using the vast range of the status.

Introducing advanced organization tools offers you more enhanced chat management. You can also set animated profile pictures, a very eye-catching element for your profile which is very interactive. Also, how about a bit of showing off? You can have a telegram premium badge to showcase your premium membership.

Enhanced Security

For a messaging app user, security is a top concern and messaging apps make it their top priority too. As for Telegram, this is a very serious aspect. Telegram has end-to-end encryption and it makes sure your files and messages are secure and cannot be encrypted by third parties.

An important feature for many especially professionals who have to share sensitive information, files and documents. also, there is a self-destruct timer that is another wonderful unique feature, adding another security layer for your private conversations.

In Telegram Premium, you have the ability to add a passcode for your chats making them extra secure. This feature helps with stopping unauthorized people from accessing your chats. In some regions, users face advertisements, which are absent in the premium version. No more ads disrupting you and interrupting your messaging.

Advanced Messaging Options

Advanced Messaging Options

With the messaging features Telegram offers, allow more efficient and convenient messaging. One of those features is scheduled messaging. You can compose your message and set up a specific date and time for it to be sent later.

If you are a professional doing freelance or other types of work that requires you to communicate with people in different time zones, this will be a very handy feature.

There is now voice-to-text messaging for video messages. Telegram Premium now extends the transcription services to its video messaging. users now can use this service to convert the audio of their video messages into text, which is easier to translate or refer to.

When it comes to channels, there is a real-time channel and chat translation, which allows users to translate any content on the go. A very helpful feature, considering how many global users Telegram has and this allows them to interact very seamlessly.

Telegram premium: yes, or no?

This is a subscription-based model, offering different prices and Telegraam services which depend on the duration of one`s subscription. The exact price also will depend on the region you live in but the cost is generally less than $6.

The pricing structure can be monthly, quarterly or annually. the best place to get the most accurate information about the pricing is the official Telegram website. Do consider your needs and the benefits of each plan when buying the premium version.

If any of the features mentioned earlier are of use to you, then you should give it a shot. If you use telegram for business, and content creation, or you need to share heavy files, the premium version is going to be a lifesaver for you.

If you are a casual user, however, meaning you need minimal sharing, it means the premium version is not that necessary for you.

When it comes to the premium version, you should also consider how much revenue your business generates. The subscription cost can be very easily recovered by what you earn.

The process

The process

The subscription process is quite straightforward, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your app. Make sure you have the latest available version on your device so you can access all the premium features.
  2. Go to the access setting. Tap on the menu icon, the three lines that are on the top right or left corner of the app.
  3. Go to the “Premium”. Locate and choose the “Premium” option in the setting. It may be something like an upgrade to premium or soothing similar.
  4. Choose a plan for subscription. There are many plans with various durations. Choose what is best for you.
  5. Fill in the payment details. There are various payment methods, like credit or debit card, mobile payment and digital wallets.
  6. Confirm your subscriptions. Review the details, check everything and confirm your purchase. Make sure you know and understand the terms and conditions.
  7. Enjoy your Telegram. Now you are a Telegram premium subscriber! Enjoy your time and all the features available!


A number of features and advantages available with Telegram Premium elevate messaging to a new level. Users may communicate and collaborate on a flexible and user-friendly platform with Telegram Premium, which offers sophisticated messaging capabilities, customization features, and better security measures. Telegram Premium has benefits for both individual users and businesses searching for a more effective messaging software or powerful communication tool. Why then wait? Embrace the messaging of the future by upgrading to Telegram Premium right upgrade to Telegram Premium now to take advantage of the improved messaging capabilities and cutting-edge security. Get started right now with premium messaging!

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