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Access premium accounts for enhanced Telegram features. Key aspects include advanced functionalities and varied account levels.

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks, always looking for surprises and offering new possibilities. A few months ago, it shook things up by introducing a brand new subscription plan called Telegram Premium. The exciting news of Telegram Services that spread everywhere was that Telegram has released its premium version with great features and is now available for iPhone and Android users!

One of our Telegram services is buying a premium Telegram account. You can have 3 different accounts in Telegram. You can use this feature for various businesses and support or any other work. We are here to provide you Telegram accounts and meet your needs.

Telegram accounts have many features, If you want to enter the world of Telegram Premium and use its unique features, we will explain it in below.

What is Premium Telegram?

Buy Telegram Premium Accounts

Premium Telegram is a special type of subscription in this social network that offers users many exclusive features not available in the free version. These features are so attractive that they tend to buy Telegram premium subscription because of these features and facilities.

This subscription removes ads, plus subscribers get access to a range of features, including the ability to upload files up to 4GB, faster download speeds, voicemail transcription, premium sticker packs, unique reaction options, chat management tools, Advanced, animated profile pictures, and profile badges. , customized app icons, an ad-free environment, the ability to create custom emojis, advanced voicemail privacy settings, transcription for video messages, and expressive emoticon statuses.

What are the advantages of using the premium version?

Well, so far, we have noticed that the premium version is different from the regular version because it offers more features. But what are these distinguishing features? You can read all these facilities below:

  • You can double the limits of channels, folders, pins, public links, accounts, etc.
  • Express your feelings with animated emojis.
  • You can use 4 Telegram accounts in your Telegram by purchasing a premium Telegram account.
  • Create a story for your account.
  • Create 20 Telegram chat folders and put 200 chats in each of these folders.
  • You can join 1000 channels.
  • You can pin 10 chats.
  • You can have 10 sets of stickers and 400 gifts in the premium account
  • Enjoy very fast download speed.
  • Get voice-to-text transcripts for voice and video messages.
  • You will not see any ads in it.
  • Be infinitely reactive in your chats.
  • Create custom emojis.
  • Control your voicemail privacy settings.
  • Transcribe video messages to text.
  • Manage your chats with advanced management tools.
  • Display your Telegram Premium badge.
  • Animate your profile picture to attract more attention.
  • Customize your app icons for a unique look.
  • Ability to request to join groups

How the premium subscription can help my business?

As a business owner, the premium version of Telegram allows you to use its features intelligently and achieve positive results. With this version, you can grow your business using Telegram’s features that the users of the normal version cannot use.

Buy Telegram Premium Accounts

For those of you who have a business activity on this social network, it allows you to double your channels and folders and make the most of your notifications, public links, and accounts. As a result, you can share more content and information with your customers, colleagues, and teams.

Make your communications more interesting and take your messages to a new level of flexibility and interactivity with animated emojis. In addition, for those of you who do not have the opportunity to respond to a large number of customers, there is a good opportunity to convert voice to text and be able to respond to a large number of messages in a short time.

Also, by increasing the allowed file size to 4 GB, you can quickly share important files and information and access information faster with high download speed. These features will help you quickly improve your work processes and achieve positive results.

Buy Telegram Premium Accounts

The most important thing to remember is that by purchasing the premium version, your account will be exclusively supported by the Telegram team, so the security of your account will also increase.


Before & After geting Telegram Premium Accounts Samples

Here we have provided you with two types of Telegram accounts. You can get each according to your needs.

1. Normal Telegram account:

Buying a normal account will help you to get an account from any country you want. We support all the countries of the world and you just need to tell us the name of the target country. These accounts are without non reported and non spam. You can get a real and quality account from us.

2. Telegram premium account:

Our premium accounts are available from anywhere in the world. You can tell us your target country so that we can provide you with the premium account of that country. These accounts are available in different packages of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and it depends on your needs.

Can I upgrade my account to premium without paying?

Upgrading the regular version to a premium account requires a subscription fee, and accessing premium features without paying is not common. These premium features are designed to provide added benefits and improve user experience, including advanced functionality, improved access to certain services, and operating in an ad-free environment. Therefore, at the moment, activation of the premium version is paid, but shortly, access to some or all of the features may become free, and nothing can be predicted.

This subscription fee is to use the differentiating features of this version. So, it is worth experiencing. You will see many websites to buy the subscription of the premium version but do not rush to buy and choose the most reliable one. You can only give us your username to receive premium for 3 months and above, we will do this without logging into your account.

Can I purchase this service from Socialpin?

Socialpin offers the option to buy Telegram premium subscription and offers different packages. When you purchase Telegram Premium, you get access to a wide range of exclusive features and benefits not available in the standard and free versions of Telegram.

Buy Telegram Premium Accounts

These premium features include increasing file upload limits, faster download speeds, converting voice messages to text, and even removing ads from your Telegram. To ensure the benefits of buying this version for your business account, you can first buy a short-term subscription and, if you are satisfied, choose an annual subscription package. To buy premium accounts telegram, you can ask our support to help you.

The price of Telegram premium

According to the latest announcements, Telegram Premium costs $4.99 per month. However, if you check the different subscription packages from SocialPin, you will see that you can get this version at a more affordable price. Additionally, all subscriptions purchased through Socialpin are supported. We assure you that at SocialPin, you can buy telegram premium account cheaper than anywhere else.

Buy Telegram Premium Accounts

Sum Up

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks that can send all kinds of pink, text, and video messages. Perhaps its popularity is because it is constantly updating and offering differentiating features, from creating groups and channels to offering a premium version.

As you know, in one of the latest updates, it released its premium version and put tempting features in it. The only way to use this version is to buy it. Read in this article why Telegram Premium is better and what distinguishing features it has compared to the regular version and how to buy Telegram premium subscription?

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