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Happy 2024 to all fans! Per our customs, here we come with news of all that is new in the world of social media. As expected, Telegram launched a new update for the new year’s, introducing many useful and as always, aesthetically pleasing features. The premium features launched for channels and bots in specific are handy for those of us using Telegram for business purposes. A brief introduction of all the 2024 new Telegram features are as follows:

Telegram Calls Are Getting Improved

Let’s start with Telegram calls. Personally, we really like Telegram calls, with their end-to-end encryptions and easy transition to video calls.  The Handy ability to mute you microphone and your speakers are great when you don’t want to end your call but need to move around.

As for the video calls, the flip camera feature helps you change your perspective quite easily. As mentioned before, the seamless transition to the video calls is a notable feature.

As for the new year, Telegram has added some new animations and backgrounds for your calls. The animations and BG will changes based on your calling stages, a different one for each of the ongoing, finished or ringing status.

Telegram Calls Are Getting Improved

The Thanos Snap Effect

This is my favorite visual update that Telegram has launched. As showed in the Telegram blog and stories, whenever a user deletes a message, it will vaporize and puff, its gone. Against the Christmassy new them, this was such a cute and pleasing effect. Kudos to Telegram for keeping up with the festivities!

The update is available for both android and IOS users.

The Channel Appearance

Now were getting to the real good stuff.  Seeing how you are a user you, most probably are one of those using Telegram for business. Then you`ll most definitely enjoy all the premium features, especially the new updates.

As of 2024, channels can customize their apparencies. They can now set colors and logos for the profile, set an emoji status and also a wallpaper visible for all reading the channel. There are thousands of options for the emoji status, anything your heart desires.

Just go to the channel profile, open channel setting and then go to the channel profile. And if you need to promote your Telegram to the premium version, if you haven’t done already, you’ve come to the right place. We do all sorts of Telegram promotion services here in team.

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Share Your Posts in Stories

Channel admins, this is for you! You can post your channel posts in your stories now, you can also decorate, reposition it and change its size. The feature supports all sorts of posts. You can repost files, voices, videos and text messages. We are hoping to see even more on this in the following updates.

Reposting is also fairly easy, just use the share arrow next to your message and then choose add to the story option.


The Premium Gifts

The Premium Gifts

Tis the season of joy folks! Gift Telegram Premium easily at once to a maximum of 10 people and see them enjoy it. Dear premium users of, lets show all our friends the joys of using Telegram Premium!

Custom Gifts

If you like doing giveaways in your channels, this is for you. You can now set a longer duration for your giveaway prizes, add some additional options and also announce the winners in your channel.

View Reposts

Not only you can do reposts, you can track who saw what and what their reaction was, also the channel statics show the story performance. You can also see if anybody reposted your channel stories.

Photos Updates

As of this update, you can use the photos in your galleries for the top of your stories. There is an additional feature of removing the BG too.

Voice Messages

You can now set your voice message so it can only be played once. You’ve caught a cold and don’t want any proof of you voice to remain? Telegram`s got it.


Last but not least: The Bots have been updated! Weve kept the best for the last section, as of now Bots can respond and react to messages. They can manage reactions, quotes, and links. This is going to be a huge help for our busy admins.

There are more perks for the bots though: they can now send replies to other chats or topics too. For those of our busy admins who rely on bots to manage their super groups and channels, this is indeed a merry Christmas.

Finial Word

Dear users, we are sure many of these features will help make your life and business management way easier. If you need any help upgrading your Telegram account or channels, contact us. For the new year, we are offering a very tempting sale and have cut our prices on manty of our services including promoting premium Telegram account, The targeted Telegram members, the Telegram bulk messages and Telegram reactions, comments and post views.

Happy New Year from the family!

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