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soialpin terms and conditions

Welcome to SocialPin

Welcome to SocialPin. We are here to provide you with important information about how to use and order different services and how it works.

How do SocialPin services work?

We offer a wide range of services, services that have been provided to you with the highest quality and the most appropriate price. It is enough for you to provide us with your basic information, such as your username, and we will take care of the rest of the process. We do not need to provide your account information for any of the services.

Our services are specially designed for each platform. With our knowledge and years of experience in providing customer service, we strive to process orders as soon as possible after placing an order.

General provisions

To ensure a smooth and safe user experience, let’s state some rules that you need to follow:

Please be careful when entering your information; if your account information is entered incorrectly, it is your responsibility, and we cannot do anything.

  • Our free services can only be used once.
  • To receive services, your account must be in public mode.
  • If you encounter technical problems, contact the support team immediately.

Private/Public profile

All accounts on various platforms are public or private. Only public accounts can use the provided services. Therefore, it is necessary to set your account in public mode before purchasing and not remove it from public mode until the end of receiving the service.

Secure payment

Rest assured, all financial transactions made through our platform are done through secure banking portals. In addition, you can purchase any of the services through digital currency.

Age limit

Please note that some services on our platform may be age-restricted. You can contact support before purchasing.

Refund policy

We have specific refund rules for each service. For example:

  • If the specifications of the service sent do not match what was said, the return fee will be given.
  • If the user provides incorrect information, the return fee will not be given.
  • If, after payment, the purchased service is not sent within the specified time, you can request a refund.

Refill guaranty

We are sure of the quality of our services, but we guarantee refilling if the purchased services fail.

Complaints and support

If you encounter problems with your orders or payments, you can send a message to support. Our support experts are ready to guide and answer you at every step.

Copyright provisions

Please do not copy or use any website content without mentioning the source.