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What is YouTube Premium and what additional features does it have?

What is YouTube Premium and what additional features does it have

YouTube Premium is an upgraded version of the popular YouTube platform’s video service, allowing users to benefit from additional and unique features of this service with a monthly payment. With a monthly subscription to this platform, you can subscribe and take advantage of YouTube’s best features.

By paying and using YouTube Premium, you will have a different experience from using this video service, because additional features and capabilities are provided to users compared to the normal version. So if you are a user who uses this program for long hours, be sure to get its premium version.

In this article, we will talk about YouTube Premium and point out its superior features and services, as well as its various plans.


What is the YouTube Premium?

YouTube premium account is an improved version of the YouTube video service. It allows users to use special features and exclusive content on this platform by paying monthly and purchasing one of its plans. The premium version was introduced in 2018 and is currently available and can be purchased in more than 80 countries. One of the attractive features of the YouTube Premium account is that it allows users to watch videos without display ads. This feature is very annoying in the regular version.

It also allows you to download videos to watch them anytime you want, even without an internet connection. Isn’t it interesting? So you no longer have to use the Internet to watch videos, you can watch them safely at another time and place after downloading.

Those who decide to get a YouTube Premium account will have access to additional benefits, in other words, access to exclusive and exclusive content that is not available in the free version of YouTube. YouTube Premium subscribers can also access the YouTube Music service. This service allows you to stream music without ads and access exclusive content.


What are YouTube’s services?

The YouTube ecosystem is designed interestingly, and changes in the naming of services can be seen with time. For example, many users are familiar with Red YouTube service, which was known as a paid and subscription YouTube service until 2018.


After some time, after YouTube Music became an independent service and application, its subscription section was renamed to YouTube Premium. Now that there are several services under the YouTube brand, each of them has been introduced at its own cost and features:

YouTube Premium: It is the main service of YouTube, in which the subscription is paid.

YouTube Music: This service allows you to play music for free with a dedicated application. It can be considered the main competitor of Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube Music Premium: This is the paid version of the YouTube Music service, which is offered with a monthly payment of $9.99. This subscription provides features such as playing music in the background and downloading and playing better-quality offline videos. This subscription also includes access to Google Play Music.

YouTube TV: This service is similar to Hulu and other live TV streaming services, allowing you to watch TV shows and DVR recordings via cloud services.

YouTube Kids: This application is designed for children and offers only content suitable for children’s age groups. Premium YouTube features can also be used in this service.


 What are the YouTube premium subscription plans?

What are the YouTube premium subscription plans

YouTube Premium plans and the services they provide to subscribers are very diverse, and these plans have made this social network more popular. Here, we have introduced three different designs that you can choose from:


YouTube Premium Individual Plan:

  • You can get a free membership for one month
  • Watch videos without ads.
  • Download videos to watch when you don’t have internet access.
  • It is possible to play videos in the background.
  • Access to music without ads
  • The possibility of playing without ads
  • Ability to play offline in the YouTube Kids program


YouTube Premium Student Plan:

  • You can get three months of free membership
  • There is a possibility to subscribe with a special discount for students
  • Videos can be watched without ads
  • It is possible to download videos for offline viewing
  • Ability to play videos in the background
  • Access to music without ads
  • Ability to watch offline in the YouTube Kids app



YouTube Premium Family Plan:

  • There is a free membership for three months
  • Discounted subscriptions are available for up to five users
  • Content can be restricted based on the age of users
  • User accounts can be customized
  • You can watch videos without ads
  • You can download videos to watch offline
  • Ability to play videos in the background
  • You can access music without ads
  • Ability to watch offline in the YouTube Kids app.


How can I buy a YouTube premium subscription for my account?

How can I buy a YouTube premium subscription for my account

It is enough to enter the SocialPin to buy any of the premium YouTube plans. We are not only a provider of all kinds of YouTube services but also services for other types of SocialPin networks. After entering the site:

  1. Choose the plan you want and click on it. The types of plans are family, individual, and student.
  2. After choosing the desired plan, just enter the desired information. Don’t worry; we don’t ask for your personal information.
  3. Finally, you will be transferred to the payment page, and you can choose the most suitable one among the various payment methods.
  4. After payment, your order will be processed immediately.



Sum Up

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that has different plans. The advantages offered in this version, including watching videos without annoying ads, downloading and watching videos offline, and playing videos in the background, are just some of these features.

Whether or not it’s worth buying the premium version depends on how much you use the app and if you are anyone. If you watch many videos on YouTube, it’s best to get rid of annoying ads, or if you want access to more exclusive content, buying the premium version is great and worth the investment. Don’t miss reading this article to learn the features and how to buy YouTube Premium.

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